Woman, Where Art Thy Husband?


     No little girl ever dreams of someday being behind bars, and becoming Love's prisoner is probably the last thing on her mind when she imagines Prince Charming; the man of her dreams. 

     Some women make poor choices in relationships and although Nakita daydreams of the perfect husband, she's one of those women. Love is what love does, so how much "time" will it take for her to realize that the Greatest love of all comes from above.

Season 2: Fall Season; 
Gravity Hurts


     Nakita is about to find out how true this statement really is. 

     She didn't listen to the warnings, so now she finds herself in a fight-or-flight situation. Because she did not take heed, this time, she could face the trial of her life. 

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Season 3: Winter Storms; The Cold, Cold Church


     Jacob's wells has turned into a whole new perspective for Nakita. She's gone from standing at the well to being thrown inside of it. 

     It's winter season in Nakita's life, and leaving an unhealthy relationship is not always easy. This is the season when Nakita comes face to face with "truth"; truth about her love, truth about her life and discovering who her "true" friends are verses those who are simply there to throw icy, cold shade.