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 Woman, Where Art Thy Husband?

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At a very young age, I learned to trust and believe in God.  However, I did not realize how valuable faith truly was until much later in my life, when all the trouble began. It was during those times of trouble that I learned about God’s unique way of speaking to His children. Whether it is through church, a spiritual friend, dreams, and, of course, the bible—there is no doubt that God speaks to us all. 


Now, I am originally from a small town in the Alabama. I grew up in the Baptist Church, so, of course, having a certain degree of religious faith is quite common. However, one thing I learned the hard way is that when the Lord speaks to us, we have to listen to Him, or we may find ourselves in a world of trouble. Thus is the purpose of my books, to share this knowledge and to spread the word about the goodness of God's grace.--Nakita Lark.

My Books

Woman, Where Art Thy Husband?

Woman, Where Art Thy Husband? Season 2:

Fall Season: 

Gravity Hurts

Woman, Where Art Thy Husband? Season 3:

Winter Storms:

The Cold, Cold Church

Woman, Where Art Thy Husband? Season 4:

Spring Forward:

Coming Out The Well


Woman, Where Art Thy Husband” is a love story about the greatest love of all, the love from above..

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